How to Set Up Automatic VPN on iPhone

In order not to open the VPN application manually, you can make a command on your iPhone that will do it for you.

To automate processes on the iPhone, use the Teams app. Even if you don’t understand programming, you can still use it to make simple scripts to perform specific actions at the right time. For example, to automatically start a VPN when you open a blocked social network.

It is important to note that for this feature to work, you must select a VPN that supports commands. We found two such services — AdGuard VPN and Browsec. Both work for free and without registration, although not super fast.

Before following our instructions, be sure to add the configurations of the selected VPN in the iPhone settings. The application will prompt you to do this on the first launch. Otherwise, nothing will work! 

Auto Launch VPN on iPhone

  1. Install the Teams app on your smartphone. In it, go to the “Automation” tab.
  2. Select “Create an automation for yourself”.
  3. Scroll through the list of actions to the item “Applications” and go further. 
  4. In the “Application” section, select the one that will launch the VPN when opened. It can be one of the blocked social networks. By the way, at this stage, you can select several applications at once. Let’s take Netflix as an example.
  5. Leave a checkmark under the “Open” icon and click “Next”. 
  6. In the “Add action” item, open the “Applications” tab. 
  7. Enter the name of your VPN in the search. For AdGuard, here you need to select the “Set up VPN connection” command, and for Browsec – Start VPN. 
  8. If you are using AdGuard, make sure that the variables are set to “Enable” and not “Disable”. We will need the shutdown command for other automation. Click next. 
  9. Turn off the “Ask before launch” slider and click “Done.” Now, when you launch the selected application, your VPN will be activated. 

Automatic Shutdown of VPN

To turn off the VPN after closing the blocked application, you will need to create a separate command. Everything is pretty simple:

  1. Open Teams again and start creating new automation by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the tab. As in the previous instructions, here you need to select “Create automation for yourself.”
  2. Next, open the “Application” section and select the same program for which you configured VPN to be enabled in the first command. Only this time you need to check the “Closed” box so that the automation will start when the selected application is closed.
  3. Go ahead and in the “Add action” section, open the “Applications” tab. Find your VPN here – for AdGuard, select the “Configure VPN connection” command again, and for Browsec – Stop VPN.
  4. If you chose AdGuard, switch the variable to “Disable” by clicking on it. 
  5. In the next step, turn off the “Ask before launch” slider and click “Finish”. The VPN will now automatically turn off when you close the selected app.

As a result, you should get two automatic commands: to enable and disable the VPN.

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