How to Play With Google Stadia on Your Android TV

Google Stadia users will be able to enjoy their favorite games on their Android TV directly and without the help of other Devices. Although it is already available for download, you cannot use it the way it should. We tell you how to play on your Android TV without using a Chromecast Ultra.

Google Stadia on Android TV without the need for Chromecast

Until now, users of Google’s online games service could enjoy their games through various platforms such as their mobile phones with its application, on their computers through the Internet browser, and on their television with the help of a Chromecast Ultra. But with the recent launch of the application for Android TV, you will also be able to play without the need for another gadget as before.

At the moment, the application for Android TV is available for direct download from the application store of Android devices, but it is not yet operational. Although there is a method by which you can bypass the restrictions. For this, you need to have the Stadia version installed on your Android phone. Here’s how:

  • Access the Google application store from your TV. Download and install the application.
  • Once the process is finished, restart the TV.
  • Next, open the Stadia app from your mobile phone and log in.
  • Choose where you want to play. This time, select your television.
  • Finally, start the game you want to play.

Automatically and without touching anything on the TV, the Google Stadia application starts, and you can start playing. Although for this, you will need to have a remote connected, either compatible or the official Stadia. After starting the game, you may not notice any difference, as it already happens with the rest of the devices in which you can play. Both the interface and the game are identical. The only aspect that you may notice any difference is depending on the speed of the Internet connection. The range or age of the television, the type of connection to the network, either by WiFi or by network cable, will make the game’s development more or less fluid.Google Stadia gaming

Mobile Access

Accessing through the mobile opens the door for us to use the application for Android TV. Once inside, you don’t need it at all. You can play games, change games, access the different menus and application settings with the help of a game controller. Unlike when you play through a Chromecast Ultra, you can use your television’s remote control to move through the different options and menus of the application. In addition, it is a clear symptom that your shortcut has worked and that you are playing through the Android TV application.

Very good news for video game lovers because in this way it is not necessary to buy powerful computers with great features to enjoy your games with the highest quality. It works just as smoothly as on any device, as long as there is a good Internet connection.

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