How to Play Google Stadia from Any Unsupported Android Mobile, Without Root

If you have smartphones without the latest Android version, then you might be wondering if it’s compatible with Google Stadia. In this case, we have good news, as the answer is yes. That is why, later on, we will teach you all the steps you have to follow to play Google Stadia from any Android mobile without having to root it.

About Google Stadia

As we well know, the Google Stadia gaming platform has been in the current market for several months. Despite its good impact on the industry, it has to reinforce certain aspects. Specifically, what disappointed me with Google Stadia is that it was not available for all Android devices at launch. This greatly limits the online experience.

Mainly, only Samsung, OnePlus, and Pixel mobiles had the privilege of being compatible with Google Stadia. The reason for this exclusivity is that Google needed to have better control over the quality of this platform, at least during the first months of its launch.Google Stadia

However, this has changed, since nowadays, any Android user can enjoy the video games offered by Google Stadia. This is excellent news for all users who do not have the latest Android versions.

You can achieve this due to an experimental feature by Google in the new app update. That is, we can ‘force compatibility’ on almost any other Android device, and therefore you can play from the device where you feel much more comfortable.

Steps to play Google Stadia from any Android mobile

In this particular section, we will show you a short and concise guide where you will learn everything you need to play Google Stadia from any Android mobile without having to root the Android device. This will save you much of your time since enabling the superuser mode of a cell phone is not something simple.

Before starting, you have to understand that even though this method is 100% official, it has not yet been fully developed, which may present some flaws during each game.

  • The first thing you should do is download the Google Stadia application on your mobile device. In case you don’t know, we remind you that this app is available for free in the latest Google Play Store version.
  • Once you complete the download and installation process, you simply have to go to the menu. Open the Google Stadia app.
  • Then, go to your user’s profile photo and click on it to bring up a menu with several options. Here you must select the option that says ‘Experiments.’
  • Now, you have to activate the option that says ‘Play on this device.’
  • Next, you need to go back to the main screen. Make sure you correctly replace the icon that gave you access to the games from the Chromecast device or a similar device with another icon that says ‘Play.’online gaming
  • If this icon appears, you have to press on it to start the game that you want to enjoy on your mobile.
  • Ready! This is how you can test Google Stadia games on your mobile without problems.
  • Finally, if you have a Google Stadia controller or joystick, you can connect it to the mobile device using a USB cable. It is also possible to play by connecting a PS4 or Xbox controller, which is excellent news.
  • However, if you do not have any control from another console, do not worry. There is a way to enable the touch controls shown on the screen. Although they are not very comfortable or respond quickly, they are beneficial when playing from the mobile.

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