How to Force Restart Your Mac

macOS is an operating system that is simple to use, stable, and secure, but not without its problems. While using the Apple computer from time to time, it is possible to run into some small malfunction. For example, it is possible that all of a sudden, the system slows down dramatically, an app freezes, or the computer behaves abnormally. In these cases, if you can’t solve the problem in any way, you can force restart your Mac.

Force restarting your Mac could quickly fix one of the problems listed above. However, this is a procedure to be used only in an emergency. Since, in the long run, it could damage the system.

Force Restart Your Mac

Before performing the forced reboot, try the following procedures:

If the app you are using is frozen, but you can move the mouse cursor:

  • Hold down the CTRL key;
  • Find the icon of the app that has stopped working on the Dock bar and click the button on it;
  • Click on the item “Forced exit.”

If you are unable to close the frozen app but can move the mouse cursor, try a standard restart:

  • Click on the Apple icon, the apple-shaped one at the top left of the menu bar;
  • Click on the “Restart” item.

If the computer is completely frozen:

  • Press and hold the CTRL + POWER BUTTON until the shutdown window appears, then click on the “Restart” item.

If the procedures seen above did not work, you can perform a forced restart. To do so:

  • Press the POWER BUTTON and hold it until the screen turns black and the Mac shuts down;
  • Wait 10 seconds;
  • Press the POWER BUTTON once more to turn on the Mac.

I remind you that the forced restart of your Mac must be done only after trying the first three solutions above and only in case one or more of the following situations occur:

  • Applications are not responding;
  • The mouse pointer does not work;
  • The fan runs at full speed, and the Mac is very slow or frozen;
  • The screen goes black;
  • The Mac cannot restart
  • The Mac is completely frozen.

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