How to Download all Photos from Google Photos to PC

The first thing you need to do to understand How to Download All Photos from Google Photos to your PC  is to access the official Google Photos site directly from your PC and using the browser of your choice. Once this is done, click on “Go to Google Photos” that you see at the top right, then log in with your Google account by selecting it from the “Choose an account” screen and enter the password in the appropriate field. Now click on “Next”.

A page will open where you can view the “Photos” section. At this point, it is necessary to distinguish if you need to download a photo, several scattered photos, or all those contained in a specific album on Google Photos. Let’s see what you need to do, case by case.

Download a photo

In the aforementioned section:

  • Click on the photo you want to download to your PC,
  • Press the three dots icon at the top right and from the menu that opens,
  • Choose the “Download” option.

Thus, the download will start.

Download several photos at the same time:

  • Point the mouse on a photo,
  • Click on the checkmark  and then select all the images you want to download.
  • At this point click on the three dots icon and select the “Download” option.

You will then download a ZIP file that will contain all the photos you have selected.

Downloading a specific album

In the left sidebar, select the “Album” option and press on the album you are interested in. A page will open: here, click on the three dots icon, at the top right, and from the menu that opens, select the “Download all” option. This will start the download of the selected album, which will also be downloaded to a ZIP file in this case.

Download All Photos from Google Photos Using Google Dashboard Service

There is also the possibility to download all the photos on Google Photos without necessarily having to select them one by one. Just use the Google Dashboard service.

  • After doing this, select the “Download your data” item,Google Dashboard Service
  • Click on “Deselect all” next to the “Products” option and put the checkmark next to “Google Photos”.
  • Click on “Next step” and check that the option “Send download link via email” is set in the “Delivery method” section.
  • Finally, near the item “Frequency”, put the checkmark next to the option that interests you most, choosing between ” Export an archive ” (to download Google Photos photos only once) and ” Export every two months to one year “(to repeat the download every two months, for a total of 6 downloads)

Very last step: choose the type of archive between ZIP or TGZ and specify the maximum size of the archive, then click on “Create export”. Done, now you just have to wait!

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