How to Download All Important Information from Cloud Storage

We have long been accustomed to making backups using cloud services. We store gigabytes of photos, important documents, and contacts there. But many of us did not even think about the fact that all this could disappear overnight. Meanwhile, in our time, the threat of an unexpected excommunication from your favorite cloud service is more real than ever. The best thing you can do is to prepare for such a development of events by saving important data to local drives. Well, how to do this, we will tell in today’s article.

Google Services

The popularity of Android has led to the huge popularity of the services of this American company. Fortunately, Google has made sure that you can easily download all the data stored there.

Just log in to the specially designed tool Google Archiver, check the checkboxes opposite the data you want to download, and click “Next”.

After that, the service will ask you to choose the path to save the data, the type of archive, and the maximum size of one file. If there is more data, they will be archived into several files.

At the same time, you will not be able to immediately download your data to your local computer. They will be saved in the cloud service of your choice. And from there, you can download them to your PC.Google cloud archiver

With Google Archiver you can download:

  • Registration data and account statistics
  • Game data, including achievements and scores
  • Location history data collected when it was enabled
  • Your calendar data in iCalendar format
  • Contacts and contact images you add, and contacts saved from Google services such as Gmail
  • Reminders created with Google
  • Emails and attachments from your Gmail account in MBOX format. User settings from Gmail account in JSON format
  • Snapshots and videos from Google Photos
  • Information about devices, rooms, houses, and history from the Google Home app
  • Bookmarks, history and other Chrome settings, and more.

Apple Services

Users of another popular service, Apple iCloud, can also quickly receive all their data. To do this, log into your Apple ID account and select “Get a copy of the data” under “Privacy”.

Then select the data you want to download, specify the desired size of the archive files and confirm your choice. After completion of the procedure, you will receive a link to the download information in your mail.

You can download it this way:

  • Files and documents from iCloud Drive
  • iCloud photos
  • iCloud mail
  • and other data.

Yandex ServicesYandex Disk

There are no prerequisites for saving data from Yandex services to the local storage. But if you still want to do this, you will have to be patient. Yandex does not have a single mechanism for downloading all of its data.

To be precise, in just a couple of clicks you can download an archive with personal data that is currently stored by Yandex services. But it will not contain emails, files from Yandex.Disk, or a calendar. All this needs to be downloaded manually.

  1. To receive files from Yandex.Disk, download and install the appropriate client. Select all files and folders in the program window and click “Make a copy on the computer” in the context menu of the program. The files will be downloaded to the system Downloads folder.
  2. To download all emails from Yandex.Mail, install the Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat!, Opera Mail, or Mail (macOS) mail client, and then export the emails.
  3. To export calendar events, hover over the calendar name in the left pane and click the gear icon. Then go to the “Export” tab, select the desired export format, copy the link from the appropriate field, and import it into another calendar.

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