How to Create Viral Instagram Posts

In 2021, Instagram is more than ever a part of social media strategies used by companies. With over 500 million daily active users worldwide, what brand doesn’t dream of creating content that goes viral? On the other hand, with 1.8 billion photos uploaded every day, it can seem difficult to be visible among so much competition. So how do you increase the chances that your posts will go viral?

Let’s be clear: no one can force this. If you come across a marketer who claims otherwise: run away. You can, however, create really addicting content that will have the potential to grab people’s attention. It will put all the chances on your side.

Stay tuned for news on social media!

Social media is constantly evolving. This is why it is important to stay abreast of new challenges that emerge. It’s important that your brand can take advantage of these events as they start to go viral. It will help you gain huge traffic and expose yourself to a new audience.

The most important thing is to arrive early. You need to spot viral content before it goes completely viral. The brands that associated with the Bucket Challenge early on, before it went viral, undoubtedly benefited enormously from such exposure. When you participate too late, the challenge is no longer exciting. Everyone has already done it.

One way to find out about these new trends is to check the explore function regularlyWith over 200 million daily visitors, this tab will help you identify what appeals to audiences. Remember that this tab is aimed directly at your niche of activity. Make sure you’re targeting the right audience to appear on your potential customers’ Explore page.

Also, keep an eye on the hashtags used by your competitors, members of your community, and leaders in your industry. This will give you a sense of what’s going on behind the scenes and what has the potential to get consumers talking. Timing is essential. Keep an eye out for challenges that seem to be going viral, and you’ll increase your own chances of going viral.

Collaborate with an influencer on Instagram

An effective way to get your posts to gain massive exposure is to collaborate with influencers with a substantial audience and high engagement with a targeted audience. Influencers can get people to try your products and services.

They can also encourage their followers to engage with you. They have the ability to improve your brand awareness, increase consumer confidence, and quickly produce new content.

So you could look for a few influencers whose audience is relevant to your Instagram content or product. You can also consider using micro-influencers for a more targeted approach. While they often have fewer subscribers, they might also have a stronger relationship with their audience, which will generate more conversations. This will give you access to an audience who would like to discover your content.Instagram post

Not all influencers are ideal for collaboration. Their image should match yours. Take the time you need to build a strong relationship. A well-chosen influencer is better than three influencers who are not close enough to your brand. When you partner with the right person, you can see a massive increase in your traffic and give your content a better chance to go viral.

Use Instagram hashtags strategically

The hashtags make finding your content, expand your reach and encourage the public to engage with you. They improve the visibility of your business and provide insight into what your competition is doing. That’s why it’s essential to research which hashtags are relevant before adding them to your posts.

Add hashtags specific to your industry or brand to better reach your audience and those who are intentionally searching for your content. This is an effective way to gain more subscribers, unlike buying Instagram followers, as they are useful for promoting your products, getting the word out about a launch, or just inspiring your followers.

You can go further. When it comes to Instagram hashtags, pay attention to how often they are used. A hashtag that has been used millions of times is bound to be popular! But that doesn’t mean it’ll give you more traffic.

Should we then avoid popular hashtags? Not at all! Instead, experiment with a combination of very popular hashtags and more targeted niche hashtags. The number of people using them is not as high, but it does increase your chances of being seen since the competition is not as strong.

More interaction with your Instagram community

To get more reach and engagement, encourage your followers and customers to create content that talks about your products or services. This is one of the main roles of the community manager in community management.

By reposting the tagged content or sharing it on your Stories – you will provide a genuine recommendation to their respective audiences and help them make purchasing decisions. Most importantly, your Instagram followers will feel like they are part of your community.

Be less formal!

Don’t try too hard to “sell” your content on Instagram. People are used to it… Try a different approach instead, giving your posts a personal twist. Think of something unique! By showing your fun and ambitious side, for example, you will increase your chances of going viral.

In addition to your products and services, consider sharing photos of your workplace, photos of your events and activities, or inspirational images. For example, see if some of your customers would agree to record testimonials highlighting their personal experience with your brand. Emotions unite us.

If you show the personal side of your brand a little more, people will be more likely to identify with you. This is the genre that really makes an impact.

From a technical standpoint, be sure to post high-quality photos with impactful and upbeat captions. Alternate your photos with engaging videos, and be sure to complement your posts with Instagram Stories.

Remember to strike the right balance between promoting, selling, and making authentic connections with your audience. People value authenticity and will then be more inclined to engage with brands that reflect this.

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