How to Create Profiles of Different Users on a Chromecast With Google TV

Google is investing a lot of resources in the development of its system for smart TVs. Hence, one of the versions of its popular Chromecast already works with the system called Google TV, based on Android TV. It is one step away from becoming the most used system. We will tell you about one of the most interesting advantages that differentiate both systems.

Create Google TV profiles

User profiles help to enjoy a personalized and individual experience for each of the users of the devices and platforms. Almost all streaming or audiovisual content platforms, not to say all, allow users to be created for each member of the family. So they can see your content without mixing with the rest. And continue watching your series or movies at the exact point where they left off.

This way, program suggestions are closer to the individual interests of each user than if you all used the platform indistinctly, as was the case before. This function is one of the most notable differences between Google TV and Android TV since the latter does not allow the creation of differentiated users, although it does allow you to add different user to create profiles for multiple users on Chromecast with Google TV

Steps to Add Google TV Profiles on a Chromecast

Adding new profiles is very simple. You will do it quickly and easily from the Google TV interface itself. Follow the steps below:

  • On the main screen, click on your profile picture, in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • This way, you access the settings of both the account and your Smart TV or Chromecast.
  • Click on the username to access the options where you will find “Add Another Account”
  • Enter the email address to prepare the new profile. If you want to create a child profile, you can do so through the “Add a Kid” option.
  • Although child accounts do not necessarily have to be linked to a Google account.
  • After accessing it, select “add a kid” and then “start”. Choose it and enter the child’s name and age. After accepting a series of terms of use, you can carry out all the profile customization processes with a new wallpaper and a new profile image to your liking.
  • If you have an email account or are part of a family group, you only have to select the account to which that profile links
  • This allows you to customize the home screen of the profile, adding only the apps that you want your child to have access to.
  • In addition, it includes a series of parental controls to supervise the use of Google TV at all times
  • This way, the suggestions will be linked to the searches and tastes of a specific user and you will be able to individually manage their contents.


After creating all the profiles, when we turn on your device, select which of them you will do it with. You can also change profiles at any time. To do this, you only have to go back to the profile. In addition, you can manage them by deleting the profiles when you believe it is necessary.

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