How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

How to choose a WordPress theme for your website? When you decide to set up a personal or company website, one of the key challenges is structuring it. Choosing a good theme really influences the success of your project in many ways. In short, the use, visibility, and aesthetics of your site are at stake! To avoid starting on the wrong foot, let’s first try to understand what a theme is and then how to choose the best.

What is a theme?

A WordPress theme – or template – is the graphic component of a site, the so-called layout. A theme also provides a site with a series of important features, a bit like plug-ins do. For this reason, there is a multitude of themes, often built specifically for different types of sites.

There are those more oriented to sites such as blogs, others to e-commerce, and simple showcase sites. This is why it is very important to choose the perfect theme for your needs. The graphic beauty and the user experience of your project are important aspects to consider!

How to choose a WordPress theme? Evaluate these aspects

To choose a WordPress theme you have to consider these fundamental aspects:

  • Theme page loading speed: every second lost is an equally hypothetical customer running away from your site. A good theme, therefore, must guarantee an excellent loading speed;
  • Excellent User Experience: this is what the user feels when browsing your portal. When you choose a theme, evaluate how clear it is, simple to use, and pleasant to read. To do this, just put yourself in the shoes of the user who is browsing,
  • A good theme has to wink at SEO – the theme also determines how Google views your site. So, make sure the template doesn’t hide the right SEO information from Big G;
  • It must be easy to customize: the themes are already preset, but it is normal that you want to put your hand to make some changes as you like. Make sure, therefore, to choose templates that allow changes directly from the WordPress control panel without putting your hand to the code;
  • Support and assistance: each issue must have ad hoc support designed for those who have doubts or uncertainties. Well, always check that the section of this theme is constantly updated;

Free or paid WordPress theme?

There are multiple themes to choose from, both free and paid. Obviously, in the latter case, the difference lies not only in the cost but also in the features that are offered. Free themes offer very basic tools designed specifically for those who do not have too many requirements.

Let’s think, for example, of simple blogs, of only text and nothing more. It is clear that problems arise when you want to take an extra step with your site. In that case, paid templates offer much greater features such as better designs, excellent user experience, SEO optimization with advanced features, and the ability to customize the site quickly and easily.

The question to ask, therefore, is: What do I want to do with my website? Where do I want to go? What is my goal? From there, it will be much easier to choose accordingly.

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