How to Cancel Google Stadia Pro Subscription Without Charging – Step by Step

Welcome! If you were one of the first users to subscribe to the Google Stadia pro program, but now you want to stop being part of it, then you have reached the indicated post. Later we will explain the entire process you must carry out to cancel the subscription to Google Stadia Pro without being charged.

On the other hand, we will also talk to you in great detail about what will happen to the games you have in your library since it is one of the most frequent questions that users are currently asking. At once, we anticipate that not everything is good news regarding games, but there is also a positive part, which we will show you later. Keep reading!

Steps to unsubscribe from Google Stadia Pro

In this first section, we will show you in great detail everything you need to do to cancel your Google Stadia Pro subscription without being charged a penny. You have to follow the steps that we will show you below to the letter.

  • To begin, you must select the icon of your avatar. It is in the upper right part of the screen, and you will see that an options menu opens.
  • In case you cannot locate your avatar, you must make sure that you are logged into the account where you have the Stadia Pro subscription.
  • Once you are on the menu, you will see that it shows different options. Here you must press the option that says ‘Stadia Settings,’ represented as a gear.Google Stadia gaming
  • You may get confused and select the option ‘Manage Account.’ We remind you that this option will redirect you to your Google account settings and not to the Stadia settings.
  • To continue, select the section that says ‘Purchases and subscriptions,’ which should be on the left side of the menu.
  • Then you will see a new screen where you will see all the subscriptions of the Stadia service. Here you have to look at the one that says ‘Stadia pro.’
  • Once there, you will see that it shows the price and when the billing date is in its box. You have to press the option ‘Cancel subscription.’
  •  A new dialogue window will appear to ask you if you really want to cancel the subscription. You just have to press the option that says ‘Yes, I want.
  • Now, when the billing date arrives, you will not have to pay anything. From that moment on, you will not have access to the privileges that Stadia pro offers to its users.
  • Ready! This is how you can cancel your Google Stadia Pro subscription quickly and easily.

What happens to my games when I unsubscribe from Google Stadia Pro?

In this case, we will talk about the consequences of canceling the subscription to Google Stadia Pro in terms of the games you had in the cloud. We simply recommend that you not lose your calm and read carefully all the details that we will give you below. Let’s get to it!Playing games

The games you bought while you had an active subscription to your Google Stadia Pro account will remain yours. If you bought them with one of the discount codes that are exclusive for premium users. In other words, you can keep these games in your library to continue enjoying them without problems.

On the other hand, we have bad news. You will not be able to continue enjoying those free games you purchased while you had an active Google Stadia Pro subscription. But don’t worry, you can get these games and game saves back as soon as you activate your Google Stadia Pro membership again.

You must also remember that you will not access the free games that come out during the months that you do not have an active membership. In fact, you will only be able to access those games just when you are a Pro user; which is to say, you cannot claim those games retroactively, which is very bad news.

This has been it! If you completed all the steps we showed you above to unsubscribe from Google Stadia Pro. Share this post with all your friends who are Google Stadia users.

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