How to Activate Windows 11 for Free Using KMS

It is not necessary to engage in license activation, buy something or download third-party software. If you wish, you can use the trial version of the operating system and everything will work great. Although this is a stripped-down version of the OS, even so – most of the restrictions relate to personalization and 99% of the functionality of Windows remains in place.

Thus, resorting to activation makes sense if you want to open all the features of the system and get rid of the annoying entry in the lower right corner of the screen.

Activating Windows with KMS

To begin with, let’s discuss the most popular option for activation – this is the KMS utility, which interacts with the system registry and, due to this, helps to activate the operating system in a minute. Before using it directly, let’s discuss how this software works.

Although on the surface the user sees only a few buttons and a simple interface, in reality, the program performs a lot of actions. The fact is that Windows itself turns to its internal servers to activate the license. They periodically check whether the activation of the OS was really carried out and whether the client paid for the purchase.

KMS, on the other hand, fakes the check and makes Windows think that the check was done, although in fact no action was taken.

To be more precise, the program replaces the Microsoft server addresses with its own addresses. The operating system turns to them, and in response receives a positive response and is satisfied with the result, believing that there is a license.

The circuit is almost perfect and works without errors. The only exceptions are isolated cases when Windows still manages to get to the company’s real servers, after which an error and a message about the lack of a licensed version are displayed. In this case, you just need to press the activation button a second time and that’s it.

Using KMS

The possibilities of the program are quite wide. It can carry out free activation of Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 of any bitness, change the current version of the operating system, for example, from regular or corporate to Professional. KMS will also help you activate Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, and 2016. All this is done very quickly.

Click on the “Activation” button:KMS activation button

Here, you need to choose what exactly needs to be activated, and in our case, it is the operating system:Activating Windows with KMS

What to Consider

The only thing to consider is a couple of important nuances:

  1. Some types of activations require you to restart your computer afterward. This will help the license to fully activate and update the system registry.
  2. Do not forget that sometimes Windows 11 still makes its way to real Microsoft servers and in this case the license flies. There are two options for solving the problem here. The first implies a constant reactivation of the OS every 10 days, which is implemented by the program itself. The second option is also implemented through KMS, you just have to re-activate yourself about once every 180 days.
  3. Do not uninstall the program after the end of the procedure. This is especially true if you want to automatically reactivate the system.
  4. If KMS initially does not open or similar problems arise later, then the whole thing is in the built-in antivirus. Disable it when working with the program. Please note that Windows protection may remove the KMS startup file. Therefore, after downloading and unzipping the archive with the program, do not delete it. It won’t get into the Windows archive. If the .exe file disappears, just extract the files again.

Other ways to activate Windows 11 for free require a license, so they will not be considered here. The only option that will help you save money is to buy a license key from a third party. But this is fraught with the risk of losing money. And given that KMS gives a 100% guarantee of activation, if not from the first, then from the third time, then there is no point in this.

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