How Much Does a TV Weigh? (Overview of different sizes)

How much does a TV weigh? A television can weigh between 4 kg and 22 kg. Large smart TVs weigh more than small TVs without extra functions.

In this article, we look at the weight of televisions. This can be interesting, for example, to know whether the desired TV can be hung or not.

Overview of the weight of different TVs

This table contains a list of how much different televisions weigh. Since size is a key factor in the final weight, we add the TV’s equivalent number of inches to this. This list only includes models under 55 inches. Other models are below.

model customs service weight
DYON Enter 42 Pro-X2 42 inches 7.8kg
Hisense 40AE5500F 40 inches 5.5kg
LG 32LM6300PLA 32 inches 4.6kg
Philips 32PFS6805/12 32 inches 4.3kg
Telefunken XF32AJ600 32 inches 4.5kg
Samsung TU8079 50 inches 11.6kg
LG 49UN71006LB 49 inches 11.1kg
Telefunken XU50K521 50 inches 9.9kg
Grundig Vision 7 – Fire TV Edition 50 inches 11.2kg
Samsung TU7199 43 inches 8.3kg
Telefunken XF22G501V 22 inches 3.4kg


How much does a 55-inch TV weigh?

This listing only includes TVs that are exactly 55 inches tall. This means that they are among the larger models and are usually heavier.

A 55-inch television usually weighs between 14 kg and 19.5 kg

model Weight in kg
Grundig Vision 7 – Fire TV Edition (55 VAE 70) 14kg
Samsung TU7199 (55 inches) 13.9kg
Samsung QLED 4K Q70T 18.9kg
LG 55NANO867NA 18.7kg
Sony KD-55XH8096 Bravia 16.8kg

how much does a 65-inch TV weigh

How much does a 65-inch TV weigh?

In this list – you can imagine it practically – there are only 65-inch TVs.

A 65-inch TV weighs between 14 kg and 25 kg. The exact weight varies greatly from model to model.

model Weight in kg
DYON Smart 65 XT 16.5kg
Samsung QLED 4K Q70T 22.3kg
Samsung TU7199 20.6kg
LG 65UN71006LB 13.7kg

How much does a 75-inch TV weigh?

75-inch TVs are among the largest TVs a person can buy. So is their weight.

A 75-inch TV weighs between 20 kg and 35 kg. The exact weight depends on the desired model itself. The foot of the TV can weigh up to 1kg.

model Weight in kg
Philips 75PUS7805/12 33.5kg (without stand)
34kg (with stand)
Hisense 75AE7000F 25.6kg
LG 75UN71006LC 18kg
Samsung TU7199 30.4kg
Philips 70PUS7805/12 27.6kg (without stand)
28.2kg (with stand)


Notice about the weight of televisions

As you can imagine, tube TVs weigh significantly more than flat TVs. However, since there are practically no tube televisions available for purchase anymore, they are not included in this list.

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