How Do I Fix Inaccurate Calorie Count on Apple Watch During a Workout?

Do you think that the number of calories burned, which shows on the Apple Watch after a workout, is not accurate? Total calories too high or much lower than you expected? This issue is mostly due to incorrect profile settings on your watchOS device.

Inaccurate Apple Watch calories

One of the watch users reported the problem in a  forum:

I burn a couple of thousand calories after a 50-minute run. It’s impossible. How can I fix this?

These “inaccurate” results can only be reproduced if the user’s weight is deliberately changed to x10.

Fun fact: If you ask Siri to set your weight, you may accidentally enter it incorrectly, especially if you use decimals, for example: 81.5kg can turn into 815kg.fix incorrect calorie counting on Apple Watch

How to fix incorrect calorie counting on Apple Watch?

The first thing to do is check your profile settings:

1) Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone and go to the My Watch tab.

2) Scroll to the “Health” setting and then go to “Health Information”

The second is to check your weight. Is it listed correctly? If not, click “Edit” and adjust to the desired value.

Tip: Height, gender and age also affect the formula for calculating calories burned. Therefore, make sure that all data is correct.

If you mistakenly enter a weight value of 10 times higher, then a typical 500-calorie workout will show 5,000 calories, which is obviously unrealistic.

The same goes for growth. If you accidentally point yourself higher than you actually are, Apple Watch will measure your stride length incorrectly, again resulting in inaccurate measurements during workouts.

Here is a video guide to help you fix the same issue:

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