How Can I Know If My Phone Has Been Infected With Pegasus?

Pegasus is an Israeli computer system that is sold to governments and intelligence agencies. This spy program is capable of taking advantage of the security gaps of devices and thus get hold of the data, be it images, audio, or messages.

How can you know if your p[hone has been attacked? Here are a couple of tools that can help you find out.

‘Mobile Verification Toolkit’

This application was created by the human rights organization Amnesty International. With open-source, ‘Mobile Verification Toolkit’, MVT, is a program that can be installed on computers with Linux and Apple operating systems and that is useful to know if an iOS or Android phone has been spied on.

To use it, you must connect the smartphone to the computer that has the MVT installed. This way, this program will be giving access to all the data of the connected phone, which can be inconvenient.

After connecting the program, MVT will save a backup copy of the phone on the computer and scan all the data. After carrying out this procedure, the application will notify the user if the information of the analyzed has been compromised at any time by Pegasus.


‘iMazing’ is another application used to find out if a terminal has been spied on by Pegasus. This program can be downloaded for free through its official website and is available for devices with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

Unlike MVT, ‘iMazing’ is simpler to use as it does it automatically. In addition, within its software it includes MVT, so it will do two jobs in one.

Find out if Pegasus has infected your phone without programs

You can also observe, although less accurately if a phone has been infected with Pegasus. In that case, there are several signs that indicate that the spy system has sneaked into your phone:

  • The battery discharges quickly.
  • The device is slow.
  • Excessive data consumption.
  • Strange or foreign numbers in the list of calls and SMS.

In the event that several of these premises are met and you have suspicions that Pegasus has been able to spy on our mobile, the best you can do is go to professionals to diagnose the problem and try to clean the phone of malware.

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