Hacked Mailbox: Discover Tips to Find Out and Thwart It!

Piracy is common nowadays, especially at the level of mailboxes. Indeed, it consists of entering the mailbox system of a third party without the latter giving its consent. This practice is carried out by hackers who have only one objective: to collect confidential information from their target.

What action can you take to find out if your mailbox has been hacked? We will discuss this subject more in the rest of this article.

Detection of a hack

How do I know if my email address has been hacked? This is the question that many users ask themselves every day. To detect the hacking of your mailbox, you have to go to one of the sites allowing you to find out. Then, enter your email address in the dedicated field. Then click on the “pwned” button (it means to be fooled in English) or on the “Check” button.

By doing this, you will obtain a proper diagnosis of the security status of your mailbox. After the analysis, if the system used judges your mailbox reliable, then it will display the following message “so far, all is well” or “Good news – no pwned.” Otherwise, precisely if there is a flaw in your mailbox, then the following message is displayed “Oh no – pwned” or “This email address appears in known data leaks.”

Change password in case of a hack

What actions to take when you notice that your mailbox has been hacked? First, change the password for your mailbox and any other sites you have used with the same password. This way, you guarantee top-notch security. Likewise, when changing, you must remember to choose a different password for each account. This is to minimize the risk of piracy.

For example, you can choose the password according to the account used. If this is your Gmail account, then go for two-factor authentication for much more optimal security. This system is required when connecting your password, accompanied by sending a unique code to your smartphone.

What are the instructions for securing your mailbox?

Beforehand, you must have a perfect knowledge of the golden rules to find a good password. The password must be long, precisely between 8 and 12 characters. It is strongly recommended to diversify the characters by starting, for example, with a capital letter accompanied by a series of numbers at the end. Likewise, a regular change at least once a year is essential.

After securing your mailbox with a new password worthy of the name, scan for potential viruses using an impeccable antivirus. Because the hacking of your mailbox can be at the base of a virus present on your computer.

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