Google Maps Disables Traffic Data in Ukraine

When there is a war, the first victim is the civilian population. For this reason, the main technology companies have begun to take matters into their own hands, in a more or less symbolic way, in order to help the inhabitants of Ukraine against attacks by Russian troops.

In the case of Google, one of the ways to offer this support has been to disable traffic information in Ukraine. Google Maps is capable of offering quite accurately the number of people on the streets of any city, and in a war scenario such as the one Ukraine is experiencing at the moment, it is undoubtedly valuable information. The most delicate.

This function of Google Maps is made by collecting anonymous information about the location of smartphones to know if a street is very busy, or if there is a lot or little traffic on the road. It also lets you know if there are many people in a store or restaurant. Information that can be accessed from any smartphone or PC with internet access.

According to the Reuters agency, this information regarding Ukraine will not be temporarily available from any country in the world. However, Google also clarifies that the data will be available to local drivers who use the navigation functions in the area.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter also apply restrictions to Russian media

Other companies have also started to take action in response to the Russian invasion. In the case of Facebook, the company will not allow any Russian state media to use its advertising service. This blocking has come after Russian regulators announced their intention to restrict access to Facebook in the country due to accusations of censorship.

Twitter has made a similar move, announcing that it will suspend all types of advertising in Ukraine and Russia in order to combat disinformation. The YouTube video platform has also published just a few hours ago, that due to the war in Ukraine all Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik channels and videos will be immediately blocked throughout Europe.

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