Driver Talent: Free Program to Install PC Drivers

Installing and updating drivers in Windows has always been a rather tedious and sometimes chaotic task. IF you don’t want to struggle too much to keep the drivers of all the components and peripherals of your PC up to date, a quite practical solution is to install a driver manager such as Driver Talent.

Driver Talent, previously known as “Drive TheLife,” is a program for Windows that is in charge of scanning, updating, and correcting the drivers of your device. If you don’t have the drivers for a hardware component installed, it will also detect it and search for the recommended driver in each case.

Driver Talent Free, a free tool to keep all the drivers on your PC up to date

Currently, Driver Talent is in version 8 and is compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / XP / Vista and Windows Server. We are talking about a free program, although there is also a premium version available with many more functionalities that we will detail at the end of the post.

In any case, the free version is fully functional. If you don’t want to spend money on a professional paid solution, you can pull off perfectly with the free version of the program, Driver Talent Free. These are its main characteristics:

  • It scans the PC in search of any problem with the equipment’s drivers. Locate hardware without drivers installed, outdated, corrupt, damaged drivers, and unsupported drivers.
  • Download the correct drivers, offering different versions if they are available.
  • It allows the making of a backup copy of the drivers on the PC with one click.
  • Restore network component drivers from backup.
  • Uninstall drivers without leaving any residual files.
  • Lets you export a list of the hardware components of the computer.

The free version of Driver Talent is available to download from its official website.Driver Talent

Automatic update of drivers, restore points, and other functions with the professional version

If you are looking for a more complete tool, the “Pro” version of Driver Talent offers many extras that can be more than interesting. Among them, the possibility of installing the drivers automatically or making previous downloads of the drivers to install them at times when you do not have an Internet connection.

The pro version also saves automatic backup copies of all the computer’s drivers and generates restore points if something goes wrong. You need to go back to a previous configuration.

To all this, the possibility of downloading drivers for other PCs is added, something that is not usually very common and that greatly facilitates the preparation of new equipment. Currently, the Talent Driver Pro license is priced at $ 19.95.

How to install and update drivers with Driver Talent

The operation of Driver Talent is very simple. In our case, we will use the free version. However, if you opt for the premium version, the process is even more direct.

  • Open the Driver Talent application, and on the main screen, click on “Scan”.
  • Select the driver of the component you want to download. You can also update by clicking on the corresponding “Download” button in the “Action” field. The application will create a restore point and automatically begin downloading the driver.
  • After downloading the driver, click on the “Install” button drop-down and select “View Files.”
  • Usually, it will compress the drivers in a RAR or ZIP file. Unzip and install the drivers from the executable that you will see inside the folder. If there is no executable, you will have to install from the Windows hardware devices administration panel.

As we said initially, the pro version has much more functionalities since it automates the process much more. However, if what you are looking for is a tool that helps you to install and update drivers in Windows, with the free version, you likely have more than enough. In any case, it is a highly recommended software.

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