Disable USB Ports in Windows With USB Disabler

Wondering if you can disable the USB ports on a Windows PC? It’s not that easy. But with a small tool, you can turn off the USB ports, increasing security. I can only think of very few cases where this would be necessary.

USB sticks and external hard drives are part of the basic equipment of every computer user today. It’s child’s play to transport data from one computer to another. The USB sticks have now reached quite large storage capacities.

But this easy form of access to the computer naturally also harbors risks for PC security. Sensitive data can also be quickly copied from the computer to a USB stick or malicious code in the form of a virus or Trojan from the stick to the PC.

Disable USB ports with USB Disabler

It would be nice if Windows had an easily accessible way to prevent access through the USB port, but that way doesn’t exist.

So you have to rely on external programs that can implement such a function.

One of these programs is USB Disabler.

The freeware does not require installation, so it is portable and does exactly what the name promises.

Access to the computer via the USB port can be prevented with one click.disable USB ports on your device with USB disabler

The USB Disabler knows three different operating modes that can be activated.

  • Normal – the USB ports work as usual, and access is possible as normal
  • Read Only – Copying to the USB stick or external hard drive is not possible
  • Disabled – Access via USB is disabled, nothing goes in or out

The software is very easy to use, you don’t have to install or configure anything. Simply select the desired mode as shown in the screenshot above and that’s it.

The use of the USB Disabler might be interesting, especially on computers that are accessible to other people and on which sensitive data is stored.

Free download USB disabler:

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