ASIC or Video Cards? Which One is Better?

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, so does the interest in mining digital assets. In this situation, many are wondering: What is better to buy, an ASIC or video card? As for video cards, they are the main tool for cryptocurrency mining. They can be compared to computers that are used for calculations based on cryptographic algorithms. What is more profitable to use an ASIC or a video card in 2021 will depend on many factors.

What is ASIC?

ASIC is a device that performs calculations in real time. It has its own pool, where computing power is collected. It can be built directly into the computer, or it can be a separate device. With the help of ASIC, you can mine cryptocurrency, both on PoW and PoS algorithms. ASIC Advantages:

  • high extraction rate;
  • the ability to work offline;
  • opportunity to receive passive income;
  • scalability.

They are easy to use and there is no need to set them up. It is enough to install the software and start the mining process. ASIC does not require large energy costs. However, it does not use computer resources, which allows it to be used on older computers. It makes less noise than graphics cards. They are more reliable because they are designed for a long period of use.ASIC mining or Video Cards mining

Advantages of Video Cards

With video cards, things are a little more complicated. They are designed for mining cryptocurrencies on the PoW algorithm. This means that they work at the expense of the processing power of the processor. The better the video card, the better its performance can be. It is a video adapter block. Its performance depends on the type of GPU that is used. The video card works on the energy that is generated by the video card, so it consumes a lot of computer resources.

The performance of video cards depends on the number and type of GPUs that are installed inside. Also, the performance of the video card depends on the speed of the processor and the amount of RAM. If we talk about a video card, then it is a device that connects to the motherboard. Its main element is the graphics processor. It converts the data into a video signal, which is transmitted to the monitor. It displays the image as a picture.

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