About: blank virus: When to Remove It

In many cases about: blank is an annoying virus that affects the PC and generates a blank page when accessing the Internet. In this case, even if the page as a blank sheet appears harmless, the situation is different. The virus represents a browser hijacker that affects the PC’s security.

Not only that: about: blank can also be a Trojan, and it is important to protect your computer from these attacks. In many cases, however, it is difficult to free the infected computer, where you also create pages on your hard drive and not only see the start page change when you browse the Internet. How to remove the about: blank? Here is how to do it.

How to remove about: blank virus

The virus can be eliminated in different ways, all equally effective and chosen based on one’s abilities with the PC and computer programs. The most common way involves using tools that allow the cleaning of about: blank and free the PC from other programs harmful to the system. Among these, we point out two:

1. SpyHunter 4– It is a tool developed by the American company Enigma Software and allows the user to eliminate the virus. You can easily remove the virus automatically. The tool works on all Windows programs while also carrying out an antivirus protection activity. In addition to this, SpyHunter 4 protects PC files from malware, fixes browser problems. It also removes registry entries and files created with about: blank. Just run it, click Scan and wait for the scan to finish, which will show all malicious files detected.

2. Stronghold- This is a tool to be used in cases where you do not know if you delete the infected files, and compared to the previous one, it is less effective in finding the Trojans and other files that have infected the PC. Like SpyHunter 4, Stronghold also deletes log files and normal files. It also allows you to choose whether to save some files. It is a quick and easy utility. You need to scan it to eliminate annoying Trojans from your PC.

Manual removal of about: blank

If the computer is attacked by the virus, you can also intervene manually. You will choose which files to delete and not indiscriminately delete all infected files.

When it is not an error

Unlike what you might think, in most cases, it is not an error but a simple blank page present in all web browsers. If you open your browser and see this page, there is nothing wrong with it. Follow a simple procedure to set your favorite page.

In other words, the virus is a blank page embedded in the web browser. It consists of two commands:

  • about– This indicates to show an embedded web page.
  • blank– This communicates and specifies that the page must be completely blank.

The user has to intervene only when the blank page opens without their will. In this case, the PC is likely affected by a virus or adware. This is a program that tries to show advertisements and retrieve data on the user, starting from the about: blank command. As we have seen in this post, it is about scanning your PC. Use a good updated antivirus and antimalware or using the tools we have indicated. It will be up to those who use the PC to understand if the behavior of the about: blank is normal or if it is a virus to be removed.

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