6 Proxies to Unblock YouTube on Your PC at Work or School

Want to unblock YouTube! It’s common for popular sites like Facebook or YouTube to be blocked at work or college. However, there are times when you need to use these services to communicate with your friends or watch a specific video.

Whatever the reason, here we show you several proxies to bypass YouTube blocking on your computer or cell phone, regardless of the operating system you have.

Proxies to Unblock YouTube

These proxy websites act as an intermediary between your browser and YouTube. In this way, the person who connects to the social video network is not you, but the website in question.

Also, since they work from the browser, you don’t need to install anything on your computer or cell phone. And the best thing is that you can access it from anywhere in the world.

In this list we have selected the sites that do not have annoying advertising, no pop-ups or scripts; so some – despite the fact that they work – have been left out.


It is a free proxy to unblock YouTube, being able to choose between different servers from which to connect. ProxySite Unblock YouTube

The website uses its own player, which allows you to watch any video at a maximum quality of HD (720p), even those that are not available in your country. Just enter the URL of Youtube.com and in a few seconds, you can enjoy the videos hosted there.

Among the ProxySite options, the possibility of allowing or not cookies, removing scripts, and blocking advertising stand out. Additionally, the service also offers proxies for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google Plus, and Imgur.


Unblock Videos

In Unblock Videos you can search for any YouTube video and choose the country from which to connect. Also, if you log in with your Google account, you will be able to see your playlists and channels that you follow.Unblock YouTube Videos

In the advanced search, you can set some filters: type (video, channel, playlist), duration, video quality, order (number of visits, date, relevance, etc.), range of publication date, and search terms.

Finally, an important feature is that you can download any YouTube video in one click. To do this you just have to click on the download button incorporated in the player.



This popular service allows you to unblock YouTube at your work, school, or university. Not only that, you can also watch videos from services like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Metacafe.Web Proxy

After entering the URL of the blocked website, choose the country of the server and the location of the IP. Like ProxySite, you can reject cookies, remove scripts, as well as delete page titles, objects (such as java and flash), and user agents.

But without a doubt, the best thing about ProxFree is that you can watch the videos in the highest possible quality. You can even download them for free, but be sure to add the .MP4 extension to watch them on your favorite video player.


Youtube Proxy

Unblock Youtube Proxy is one of the best and fastest free proxies on this list. The best part is that it is ad-free and also unblocks other music and video sites, such as Vevo.Unlock YouTube

But how to watch YouTube if it’s blocked? Just enter the site URL and select the server location: USA (fastest) or Europe, both of which allow you to bypass web filters at school or work.

The web has a clean design and free of invasive ads. From its minimalist player you can play any video in HD and, if you wish, download it to your PC or cell phone (adding the MP4 extension).

In addition, this proxy for YouTube has the option “Image in image”, which allows you to view the videos in a small player that is superimposed on other programs.

YouTube Proxy


On this website, you will not find annoying advertising and you can unblock Facebook, Youtube, Google, Gmail, Twitter, among others.CroxyProxy unlock YouTube

CroxyProxy works as an alternative to VPNs, automatically connecting to different web proxies to view blocked YouTube.

Unlike other services, CroxyProxy fully loads the YouTube page, so you will not notice that you are using a proxy. This means that you will be able to access all the player’s functions such as subtitles, video quality or control the playback speed. Of course, this also means seeing YouTube advertising embedded in the videos. Although you will not see intrusive advertising from the web.

In addition, it has a Chrome extension that allows you to unblock video sites, search engines, email services, social networks, and more.



The popular VPN service also has a free web proxy to browse YouTube and any website anonymously, hiding your real IP.Unblock YouTube proxy

At HMA, you can choose the server from which to connect and configure the connection (encrypt URL, disable cookies, delete scripts).

Among its main functions, it stands out the possibility of downloading the videos and the image-in-image option. The latter allows you to view YouTube in a floating window that is superimposed on whatever application you are using.


Alternatives to YouTube Proxies

Another effective way to unblock YouTube on your PC, Mac, or Android or iOS cell phone is to use a VPN.

Thanks to this technology, you will be able to connect to any server located anywhere in the world, where all your Internet traffic will pass. In this way, you can skip any geographic restrictions. In addition, it will assign you a new IP, offering you greater privacy and security on the network.

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