6 Key Features of Apple TV 4K

Apple for the first time launched two models of the popular media player on the market at once. The budget version of the set-top box is expectedly the cheapest. However, if you add quite a bit of money to its cost, then in return you get a powerful multimedia center with an Ethernet connection and plenty of memory. We look at 6 key features of Apple TV 4K.

What has changed in Apple TV 4K:

1) The A12 Bionic processor was replaced by the A15 Bionic, which made the third-generation Apple TV 4K even faster. The difference in class can be seen in the increased speed of applications and instant menu response. The chip also allows Apple TV to handle the latest games from Apple Arcade at the highest resolutions. Let’s be honest, the A15 Bionic has plenty of power to keep your set-top box going for years to come.

2) The storage capacity of the Apple TV 4K is different from the second generation, which had only 32 GB at its disposal. Now we can choose between 64 or 128GB. This is a significant improvement, especially since the more expensive version costs less than its predecessor. In addition, the new product also increased the amount of RAM (from 3 to 4 GB).

3) Another important addition is HDR10+ support. An additional standard for video content will add a greater palette of colors to the screen. As you know, Dolby Vision technology appeared in previous models of Apple TV.

4) Apple has finally built a USB-C port into the Siri Remote. Thus, you can use it for a very long time, since, according to EU requirements, all new electronic devices will switch to this standard as early as 2024. Unfortunately, Apple forgot to add the “Find My” feature this time too. You will have to search for the lost remote the old-fashioned way, turning everything around.

5) If Apple has integrated a USB-C port into Siri Remote, this does not mean that you will find a USB-C cable in the box – you need to buy it separately, for your own money.

6) You may not notice this at first glance, but the look of the Apple TV 4K has changed a bit. The company was able to give the new media player a more compact design by removing the cooling fan – the A15 Bionic chip does not need it. Exactly for the same reason, the device has lost a decent amount of weight.

Another detail – the Apple TV brand logo suddenly lost the “TV” prefix. Now on the body of the media player, you can only see the inscription “Apple”.

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