5 Tips for Setting Up Your UHD TV Properly

Before using a UHD TV for the first time, a few adjustments must be made! Here are five tips to make the most of the new features of your new screen.

1. Prepare the ground well

Before plunging your head into the settings of your UHD TV, you must first turn on your TV and wait at least fifteen minutes (no need to go beyond half an hour) to give time for the screen to heat up properly and to give its true base image.

During this time, it is advisable to make sure that the room where the television is placed is in its usual conditions (example: no blinds lowered which would change the brightness of the place).

2. The basic settings: brightness and contrast

The most important settings for a 4K television, or at least the most basic concern brightness, contrast, and colors. For brightness (which adjusts black levels), you should display a dark image on the screen and adjust the brightness to achieve both intense black and details that stand out.

For the contrast (which allows you to adjust the white levels), you should display a very clear image and adjust the contrast to obtain a very bright white and details that stand out.

3. The importance of colors

Regarding the colors, the setting options differ between televisions, but you should preferably set them to an image showing a close-up face, which will more easily serve as a standard for the eye of the person in charge of the settings.

On UHD televisions, the color palette offered is generally exceptional and it is therefore important to delve a little more into the different colorization adjustment options.setting up your UHD TV

4. Multiply the settings according to the number of sources

Today, most people use TVs as sources for many devices such as Internet boxes, video game consoles, or even Blu-Ray players. And each of them requires different settings to give the best possible picture quality.

You must therefore remember to make different settings for each of the inputs used by the devices connected to the UHD TV.

5. Using the preset picture modes

For people who don’t feel the urge – or the ability – to research all the settings in detail, TV manufacturers have provided a set of automatic settings, grouped into picture modes corresponding to a type of program.

For Ultra HD televisions, the user can for example usually choose between Cinema mode, Game mode, Dynamic (or Sport) mode, and Normal mode.

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