5 Good Reasons to Buy a DAB or DAB + Digital Radio

Far from the image of outdated media that some want to stick to it, radio continues to gain listeners in 2021. One of the main reasons for this success is the emergence of digital radio. So why not buy a DAB / DAB + radio? We give you 5 good reasons to fall for it. 

DAB / DAB + radio is the present … and the future

Whether it is a nomadic radio, a hi-fi system with a radio function, or even a car radio, any radio broadcasting device sold as new in most countries must now offer digital terrestrial radio, better known under the name of DAB / DAB +.

FM radio is of course still available, but the switch to digital radio is inevitable, as was the switch to digital DTT in its day, which has now become fully part of our daily lives. More qualitative, richer in content, easier to implement, and more economical, this standard is clearly the future.

A large choice, in all price ranges

The advantage of DAB / DAB + radio is that you can find it in all price ranges. There are portable DAB / DAB + radios for a few tens of dollars, such as the Elan Connect model at Pure or the RA-F39 at JVC. For a little more, you will find the famous JBL Horizon 2 clock radio with its recognizable design or other models from Sony and Philips.

For a move upmarket you can opt for the excellent models of the great British specialist Roberts, who is the official supplier to the Queen of England. The most demanding music lovers, finally, will turn to a  DAB / DAB + compatible mini-system as we find excellent at Denon for example with the excellent Ceol N11.dab digital radio

An increasingly versatile product

The great thing about a DAB / DAB + radio is that it does a lot of other things. They offer digital terrestrial radio but also compatibility with the FM band. Many models also offer useful features such as the alarm and the alarm clock function.

But we find more and more in this category ultra complete and multifunctional products. To take the example of the Grundig BTR 7000, it offers, in the format of a  very roomy mini-system, CD player, FM radio, DAB / DAB + radio functions. It also gives access to internet radios, podcasts, Spotify, your music from a USB medium, a wired source via the auxiliary input, or even a USB medium. As we can see, we are far from our good old FM radio of yesteryear.

A timeless product that plays with distances

Today, and even more as the deployment intensifies, DAB digital radio will allow you to access high audio quality radios that you could previously only find in the Internet radio version, in quality often very relative. DAB radio, therefore, makes hitherto locally broadcast radios accessible over a larger part of the country, strengthening the scope of the offer but also its diversity.

An original gift

Are you looking for an original gift idea for someone who is a fan of music, high tech, for a child, or for a student who has limited space? DAB / DAB + radio combines the advantages. It is found in all formats, which means that it will find its place in a living room as well as on a student room shelf, on a kitchen worktop, or even on a terrace. It is at the cutting edge of progress without requiring special technical knowledge. You can start it easily, and often even automatically.

The DAB / DAB + radio offers both leisure functions (music, podcasts, news, etc.) and practical functions (alarm clock, alarm) in a compact format. It also has the advantage of being enriched regularly (new stations, new functions, new information displayed, etc.). Finally, the range of prices allows you to make a nice gift without breaking the bank or a nice gift by contributing together.

To sum up, DAB / DAB + digital radio has everything you need in an original gift. 

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