10 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy A52

It has become a good tradition to describe the advantages and disadvantages of key smartphone models in the market in separate materials. Here are ten reasons to buy the Galaxy A52.

1. Protection against water and dust in the middle segment – IP67

Once upon a time, the Samsung Galaxy A5 had a water resistance feature, but that was back in 2017. After that, the A-series models were produced without this option, which can be safely considered a disadvantage. And this is not about people dropping their phones at sea, rather they fall into sinks or fall into the water in bathrooms, which happens often. The very fact of the presence of water protection is good, an additional guarantee of the durability of the device.

According to this parameter, the Galaxy A52 simply does not have competitors. Protection from water is the lot of older models. Chinese companies do not have anything like this, since it is expensive and the implementation is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

2. Stereo speakers – loud and bright

The smartphone has turned into a portable cinema, you don’t need to watch movies on it, but you still watch videos. Stereo speakers make viewing more comfortable, and without them, everything is not the same. For example, in Galaxy A51 there is only one speaker during video playback. The sound is not so loud, somewhat flat. The Galaxy A52 uses both speakers, which is great in every way, you get a loud phone.

3. Excellent AMOLED screen, 90 Hz

Samsung displays set the standard for what a smartphone screen should be. They are bright, which provides a high-quality picture in the sun and indoors. These displays also know how to adapt themselves to your habits and set a comfortable brightness. They have Always On Display and a lot of settings so that you can set the picture for yourself. The Galaxy A52 still has a frequency of 90Hz, which, along with other features, looks great.

In its class, the Galaxy A52 simply has no competitors in terms of the aggregate screen capabilities, there is no one to compare it with. Chinese companies often emphasize one characteristic, for example, they do 120 Hz, but everything else suffers, miracles do not happen. To make it economically viable for a company to place such screens in the middle class, it needs to produce displays on its own, there is simply no other way.

4. Battery life

The capacity of the Li-Ion battery is 4500 mAh, together with an energy efficient screen, an 8 nm processor. This gives it an excellent battery life. On average, the device lives for two days on a single charge (7-8 hours of screen operation). No special tweaks are required here. If you wish, you can achieve more work time.

5. Photo quality, multiple cameras

We are accustomed to the fact that, when speaking of photography, we always remember the flagships, but somehow we forget about the models of the middle segment. Stereotypes say that nothing can be expected from ordinary models in the field of photography. In the A-series, this statement is easily refuted. So, Galaxy A52, of course, is not a flagship, but it knows how to photograph well.Samsung Galaxy A52 camera

And for many, this quality of photos is enough for the eyes. In comparison with the previous generation, clarity and detail have increased, and night shooting has become noticeably better. Excellent cameras both for this price segment and apart from it, if you forget about the existence of flagships. Good balance in terms of price/quality ratio plus many additional modes, for example, multi-frame.

6. Next generation fingerprint sensor

In the previous A51, many complained about the sluggishness of the in-screen fingerprint sensor, but forgave this moment due to many other advantages. In the A52, the sensor has been changed. It works faster and clearer, now there are no delays. There are almost no errors when pressing, even if you initially entered your fingers incorrectly. What can I say? It turned out well, and the shortcoming of the previous model has been fixed, everything works with a bang.

7. 8nm processor, Snapdragon instead of Exynos

Through the efforts of zealous bloggers, Exynos processors are recorded as “bad.” According to the previous generation of the same A-series, nothing bad and terrible is observed in them. The updated A52 is equipped with Snapdragon. The change is due to the lack of components on the market, so it is more profitable for Samsung at the moment. The advantage of the processor is not in who created it, but rather in the fact that it is made at a rate of 8 nm, which gives an increase in operating time.

Although this processor is already about six months old, a new generation from Qualcomm has come out. It works great and does not have any flaws. For lovers of the very-very, perhaps this is not an option. For the majority of buyers, everything is fine. Sometimes I imagine how lovers of large numbers, who choose a processor by production date, model number, are engaged in the selection of a car. They have nothing to choose from, since most engines were created a long time ago and practically do not change. This is probably a painful sensation.

8. OneUI 3.1 interface out of the box

The more I try different Android smartphones, the more I’m convinced that OneUI is the best shell out there. Lightweight, fast, with a lot of “little things” that allow you to customize everything for yourself and not experience any problems. Of course, everyone has their own sense of beauty.

9. Software update within three years

Samsung believed that users should be sure before buying how long their smartphone will take to update. System and interface updates (the same versions of OneUI) will be available within three years from the date the device goes on sale. So, Galaxy A52 went on sale in March 2021, which means that updates will be released until March 2024 inclusive.Galaxy A52

But this only applies to significant software updates. Android security updates that are released monthly will be available for a longer period. It directly depends on the popularity of the model. In the first three years they will be monthly, then there will be a schedule for each model. Specifically for the A52, you can wait for security updates from 4 to 5 years. During this time, you will definitely pick up a new device for yourself, although maybe not.

10. Knox presence, protected folder

The presence of Knox is a unique thing. It protects your smartphone from hacking, both at the hardware and software levels. You can create a second virtual device in the memory of your smartphone with your own set of applications, accounts, and no one will know about its existence except you. A separate login password, an encrypted space inaccessible to anyone from the outside. In the end, you really have a second smartphone, encased in the shell of the first. Since 2013, when Knox appeared, it has evolved a lot, but no one has been able to hack it.

The presence of an FM-radio, a 3.5 mm jack remained outside the brackets, to some it may seem no less important than the listed items. Since the material describes the positive aspects of the device.

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