10 Best Platforms to Create Apps Without Programming

Do you have a great idea for an app, but you have no idea of ​​programming? Is the only code you know is the postal code of your town? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are already a lot of platforms that allow you to create apps without programming knowledge.

These services do not require previous knowledge of Java, object-oriented programming, nor do they need you to have a minimum understanding of Android or iOS infrastructures. We are talking about platforms that offer “Drag & Drop” tools and WYSIWYG editors ( What You See Is What You Get) to develop the entire application.

The 10 best platforms to create apps without programming

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a tool that allows you to create native apps for Android and iOS without programming, and it also helps you publish them in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

This platform also allows access to your projects offline, and all content is stored securely in the AWS cloud. It is a highly valued platform that has won several awards in recent years, especially standing out for its technical service (email, chat, and telephone). It offers a free trial period and subscription plans starting at $10 per month.


Probably the best-known Android apps creator in the sector. Its operation is very simple: you create a new project, fill out a form and add graphics, content, and functionalities, and finally press a button so that Andromo does all the programming work. Andromo also has several templates that you can use if you are going to create an app for wallpapers, ringtones, news, educational, etc.Andromo app builder

One of its biggest drawbacks is that it doesn’t allow you to preview the changes you add to the app on the screen, which can be a bit cumbersome. Once the app is finished, you will receive an email from Andromo from where we can download it.

You can create an app for free, but with ads. If you pay for a subscription (starting at $8 per month), you can create up to a maximum of 50 apps and monetize them with your own ads.

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“You will never program again. Really.” This is what we found on AppGyver’s welcome page, and it seems that they are not the only ones who think so. A good example is that the well-known DHL courier company has developed its app with AppGyver.

The platform works more or less like the rest of the tools. It has an editor with blocks and elements that you can drag to shape the app. AppGyver has many functions, so learning to use it 100% can take a while. It allows you to create apps for mobile phones, desktops, browsers, and smart TV. The app is free for indie developers and small businesses, only focusing its paid offers on large companies.

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Adalo is an app builder for Android and iOS that helps you design a fully functional app from a simple drag-and-drop editor. It offers the freedom to add databases and interact with them automatically and integration with your own APIs.

You can also create lists of all kinds, image galleries, add forms, calendars, payment options, and more. It has a free plan with few limitations for beginner users and premium subscriptions starting at $50 per month. A good platform but a bit expensive compared to Andromo or Appy Pie.

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As its name suggests, a machine for creating apps, all without code, of course. To begin with, if you have a web page, AppMachine scans it for resources and content that can serve as the basis for building your app. Very useful for small online businesses that want to switch to the mobile app format.

It features over 35 pre-programmed blocks and tons of customizable layout options. Includes app preview function, analytics, push notifications, and automatic updates. The price of the subscription starts from $49 per month.

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Glide is a platform designed to create “Progressive Web Apps,” or what is the same, applications that you can use both from mobile and a web browser. This tool turns a more or less complex spreadsheet into a fully functional software application, so it is clearly oriented towards data exposure and management.

For this same reason, it doesn’t offer many design and interface options, although it has more than 100 templates and the apps generally have an elegant appearance. The editor works with “drag and drop” blocks and connecting data. Subscription is free for personal use with limitations, and pro versions start at $32 per month.

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Like Glide, AppSheet is a tool that helps you create apps from cloud data sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365, Excel, and other types of databases.

AppSheet’s graphical interface has all kinds of icons and buttons to carry out the work in the most efficient way possible, and in general terms, it is quite easy to learn to use at a basic level. It has a free version with limited features and a pro version starting at $5 per month with more features and some features missing from the free version like SQL connections.

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GameSalad is a game development platform that has been around since 2010. It allows you to create games for Android and iOS without the need to know anything about programming since everything is done using a visual editor.

From the editor, you can configure the behavior of the elements and characters that appear on the screen, add sounds, etc. It has a lot of documentation and a forum to learn and clarify doubts. It currently offers two types of subscription: a free one, but with the ability to publish games only to the GameSalad Arcade, and a Pro version for $29 per month with unlimited access to all platforms (Android/iOS/HTML5) and priority technical support.

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create apps without programming knowledge


If you have an e-commerce and you are thinking of creating a shopping app for customers to purchase your products from their mobile, GoodBarber is a tool that focuses on just that. It allows you to create progressive and native web applications. It has 30 templates for different types of businesses and a good handful of basic functions in this type of app, such as auto-login, one-click check-out, discounts, search for products, push notifications, and more.

The subscription goes for 25 euros per month, although with the 48-euro plan, you can publish the app in Google Play Store (for automatic publication on iOS, it is 96 euros).

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Don’t be fooled. Although this platform allows you to create apps for Android, iOS, and others visually without programming code… let’s just say that it has a fairly steep learning curve. This is because its functionalities are extensive, and all that power requires knowledge. You will undoubtedly get more out of it if you have a computer science or programming knowledge.

On the other hand, their prices are much more affordable than the competition, with a free plan that gives you access to an unlimited number of API calls, 200 database tables, and unlimited push notifications. From there, if you want more, you will have to opt for a premium subscription (from $25 per month).

Go Backendless

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